There were two main factors that brought about this inspiration: The initial, and the driving factor.

Initial: As a freshman just coming into college, I got messages from friends and had to message friends asking about times to hang out, and one of the biggest problems that I encountered was that I had to either send a picture of my schedule to them so we could work out a time to meet, or I had to ask whether the person was free. That was unfortunate since sometimes, the friend I asked wouldn't respond till after the time, and by then, time I spent waiting was wasted.

Driving Factor: I was in my Calculus class, when all of a sudden, one of my friends sends me a message to call her and wake her up in 30 mins because she was gonna take a nap. This was very unfortunate because I still had class, and I had to call her during class, when I was supposed to be grasping an understanding of Integrals in Calculus. This really pushed me in wanting to create this app so that there would be no unfortunate situations or wasting of time and schedule between friends/classmates would go much more smoothly

What it does

As of right now, it loads a main login screen that takes in a username and password with a login and create account button/text. When you create an account, an email, username, and password is taken in, and you need to type your password twice, just so that there are no inconsistencies in password making. There are constraints on the size of the username, and if a username or email is already in the system, it doesn't take it in. Once you create a valid account, you can login using the username/password to arrive at the Profile page. The username and a profile page sillouhette picture is displayed. If you click on the picture, you can upload your own profile picture from your phone/DropBox gallery to display on your profile page.

How I built it

Developed in Android, I used Java and XML for front-end and Parse for back-end.

Challenges I ran into

Some challenges I ran into was saving objects into Parse, retrieving objects from Parse, preventing errors or inconsistencies from occurring in logins, hiding the Android Soft Keyboard when not touching the EditText for passwords,usernames, and emails, creating a back button from activity to activity, and finding a way to display pictures that are within the gallery of the phone.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to solve all the challenges that I encountered. Having the ability to make an app by myself and working full-stack on all parts definitely is a hard yet fun experience.

What I learned

I learned accessing an outside database, using several different parts of the Android library, working with GitHub both while it was working and wasn't working, and most of all doing a project with self-motivation.

What's next for SColleged

I am hoping to expand it and fine-tune it to make it way better than just have a login, create account, and profile picture screen. I am hoping to expand it to allow friends/students within the same college to add each other on either a username or email based graph connection, and allow connected users to see each others schedules, allowing easy planning. There might be functions to send schedules, and possibly even ways to set up registrar assignments with friends before school starts.

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