Where misinformation and fake news have had serious consequences for families and individuals in at-risk zones. The release of SocialCanvas and its Coronavirus related stream was accelerated in answer to this appeal against misinformation.

What it does

SocialCanvas is a dynamic and curated social media stream for your home TV.

SocialCanvas streams updates directly from verified and relevant accounts (sourced from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more) on the topics that matter to you. It’s unintrusive and exists in the background, to be looked at or not. The media canvas forms a curated conversation piece that is always fresh and relevant, delivering only the facts about current events. Expert-led sources mean that the content is guaranteed to be legitimate and authoritative – representing not all that social media has to offer, but rather, the best that social media has to offer.

How we built it

It's a creation from the founders of Seenspire, a content streaming service for digital signage. Hundreds of organizations leverage social media content on their office screens as part of their workplace communications through Seenspire.

What's next for SocialCanvas

This new, informative and useful way of using your TV while in ambient-mode is being finalized and its first feed to be made available will be around the Coronavirus.

SocialCanvas will be controlled by an intuitive mobile app to allow users to instantly cast their chosen topics and curated feeds onto their TV screen. The app will also support pausing of the canvas so users can see a specific post in greater detail on the source's social network.

Built With

  • javascript/typescript
  • php-symfony
  • react
  • rest
  • serverless/cloud-functions
  • sql/nosql
  • styled-components
  • websocket
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