Team: SocialBubble

Application Name: Bubble

Introduction: During these turbulent times, we have been isolating ourselves not just from our loved ones but outside world also. We have created these bubbles around us that often lead to mental issues such as feelings of isolation, depression, anxiety, etc.

Our application seeks to POP those bubbles and merge them in bigger ones, creating a bigger bubble with like-minded people looking to communicate and interact about things they like, enjoy, and thrive discussing.

Our goal is to create a space for belonging for not only the people who are feeling incredibly isolation due to COVID but also a space for those who have created walls around them to isolate themselves before the pandemic.

Future Work: The bubble will provide AI assistance to users that don’t feel like interacting, it can be a bad day or an event. Our bot seeks to understand the state of the user and recommend content that could cheer the user or provide assistance by providing consult if the bot deems it.

Around the world, the majority of communities often downplay mental issues, some even label them as a sign of weakness. We at the bubble believe that mental issues are something to be understood and believe the bubble will be able to provide assistance to those affected creating a platform for social harmony.

We also wish for local communities to provide help to those isolating themselves due to being affected by the pandemic providing groups where they can ask for essential needs which they are unable to receive without putting others in danger.

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