We read in feeds how services provided by big companies are being used to leverage small business. e.g. Messenger by Facebook. So far, we do not have enough evidence to prove these claims. Hence, we want to figure out if there is a correlation between social media presence and business's growth. Our assumption is that if you have social media presence, you do use their free services.

What it does

Gives us insight on understanding marketing and small business growth.

How we built it

We used 3 social media api -- Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to check if there is a presence of business in these medias. Check if there is any correlation between business rating and social media presence.

Challenges we ran into

i) Had 156,639 datasets. When querying facebook's graph-api , must have exceeded the limit of how many request can be done. Now it's giving weird error of 'request error'. ): (09/16 -11:50pm)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

i) This morning, was able to pull facebook presence of the companies from the yelp dataset! So we do see, we had exceeded their maximum request to the api endpoint. For the sake of time and need to move, collected fb presence of 1000 business in yelp! ii) We have queried ~12,000 companies presence or not in Twitter, ~ 10,000 companies for Instagram.
iii) All team members learnt new api to retrieve data.

What we learned

i) Look at rate limit of api being used and start with smaller datasets! ii) Most business that do not have any social media presence are connected to some what niche market, community, or not so respected area: such as 'High Class Hookah Shop', 'EZ Money Recycling', 'Joshan Filipino Oriental Market'

What's next for socialb

We would like to know if social media is important for marketing of small businesses. Can human to human recommendation surpass social media?

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