Need some motivation to wake up at your desired time while working from home due to Covid-19 ? Do you need to be at a football or hockey game with your team and every sunday morning thát one person is late again ?

SociAlarm is here to connect with your team while waking up!

What it does

Our app has a very clear functionality: to provide an easy to use, social, motivating and fun alarm clock for both Android and iOS. You can create a group with your friends or workmates, and everyday one of you gets to choose a song the whole group will be waking up to.

This creates a unique team building experience.

How I built it

The app was built using React-Native with some native components for the frontend framework and a GraphQL/Prisma server for the backend. This allows the app to be fully functional and easy to expand for the future. To provide the search and download of alarm sounds we used the Spotify api for access to their large collection of music.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into a lot of errors using React Native which were not easy to fix. The native alarm API was hard to implement and the library that did, had errors in them.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Build a fully functional native app in a really short time. Had lots of fun together working on it. Fixed an error in the Alarm Library for React Native.

What I learned

We learned coordinating and working in a group that is physically not in the same place. What's more we learned how to build apps with React-Native which was not the best idea to do during a hackathon but it worked.

What's next for SociAlarm

Build a reward system for groups Build games that can be set as alarm games with highscores

Build With

ReactNative GraphQL Apollo Prisma

Built With

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