The Social42 app allows personal and professional references of a job applicant to create reviews using a touch-tone telephone, the website, or an Android smartphone. These "social credit" reviews complement traditional job references, with the goal of providing highly accessibile, concise, and holistic profiles of a given job candidate. By offering participation within the users "technology comfort zone" and giving incentives for improving digital literacy, the Social42 app is able to promote engagement and create job opportunities in traditionally underserved populations.

Figure 1. Sample Social42 professional profile At the heart of the Social42 app is a social reputation engine (developed separately from competition) which summarizes reviews and scores into a "Social Credit Score", with a range from 0 to 42. 42 would represent a perfect reputation. Our app uses the Social42 API for retrieving data. Unlike other social media platforms which cater to the "digerati", the Social42 app Invites broader use through the most common interface -- the analog touch-tone telephone Supports multiple spoken and written languages (currently English, Spanish, and Mandarin) Provides phone number-based verification to promote integrity and responsibility Creates universal summaries about individuals that is easy-to-understand and immediately useful Encourages digital literacy by offering plaform-specific features like, adding a photo from the Android smartphone app, or requesting reviews from the web portal   Background During the hiring process at the Honey Badger Cafe, we received over 500 job applications within 3 weeks for a few entry-level positions. We created the Social42 app to help us understand not only who would be a great fit, but also to provide the level playing field for applicants from our ethnically and socio-economically diverse neighborhood. The Social42 app introduced us to many qualified individuals who we would have overlooked including Latino migrant workers, first-generation immigrants, senior citizens re-entering the workforce, and youth from the local schools. With our first-hand experience using our own app, we've become excited from the lessons our community has taught us, and the potential for engagement with who we've coined, "the digitally quiet". Our goal is to share our positive hiring experience with other businesses and encourage them to use the Social42 platform to spark more digital engagement and literacy. In fact, our prep cook originally applied with his telephone, who upgraded to a web profile after hearing that his competition was creating online profiles.   Technical details Our app consists of two individual programs which utilize the Social42 API: Automated VoIP (Voice-over-IP) hotline for playing audio messages, retrieving touch-tones, and recording audio review messages Google Android smartphone application   The VoIP-based hotline allows users to: Create a phone number-based user profile Search for profiles based on phone number Add review data using keypad Add audio review data using microphone   The Google Android smartphone application allows users to: Create a phone number-based user profile Search for profiles based on name, city, address, geo-location, or phone number Add review data using mobile keyboard Add profile and review photos Edit profile settings

Figure 2: Social42 Google Android smartphone app screenshots   Usage Choose which technology platform you are most comfortable with.   For touch-tone telephone dial: (714)752-4600 English (626)638-6699 Spanish (626)672-4688 Mandarin   Use the following demo phone number for looking up a score or adding a review: (213)222-8688   For Google Android (steps only required for competition since app is not publicly released): Check "Unknown sources" from Settings - Applications Download the included APK file into your phone Install the app using a file manager like Astro file manager Open the app and enter profile information Search for profiles based on geo-location or zip code   The following individuals are a sample of actual applicants and hires using the Social42 app: Anna Fong Adriana Marimontes Francisco Jimenez Gavin Brown Misa Monkawa Quin Mayagoitia

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