Hungar, dehidration, lack of medical attention... all can be solved by relocating resources. We have milions of tons of food being wasted just because it doesnt look good. And in poor countries, people die every day because of that. We are one nation. one planet and one universe.

What it does

This "app" geathers people arronund the world with the same goal - making basic stuff acessible to everyone. The main principle is the calculation for producing 1 kilo of something (ex. potatoes) and calculating how much time did it cost to produce a kilo and then selling it for exact ammount of time.

How I built it

It needs to be built.

What's next for Social Volunteer Platform - SVP

Geathering of team members Looking for simmilar projects Calculating wages and prices in time. Starting an eu pilot project

In future, if you have a simillar project or want to cooperate feel free to email me at :

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