According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, over 85% of college students have experienced anxiety and depression. This is a major problem that affects us closely. After doing more research into depression and anxiety, a major symptom is withdrawal from social contact. However, the only treatment that is offered to students, are the traditional ways, such as a guidance counselor or a phone line. It is no wonder that students find it difficult to seek help. Therefore, we created a mobile application that encourages students to once again, have a positive outlook on life and improve their mental health. Through the use of image recognition, students can take pictures of their surroundings, and receive a positive message or pun related to something in the picture. We hope that this will help brighten their mood, or make their day a lot more interesting, while giving them a boost to carry on. Furthermore, when school starts becoming super stressful, it can be easy to forget about the good days, or the simple joys in life. Thus, we present students with the ability to enter in information about something that interests them, throughout their day. For example, if they saw a really cute turtle walking on the sidewalk one day, they can go to the google maps, and click to create a marker. Then write a message, such as, “saw cute turtle”. The date will be saved as well, so whenever they are feeling down, they can go to google maps and reflect on all the positive things in life, and can see where they saw them. The information is all saved, so that way whenever the user closes the app, it will still be there when they open it.

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