We are currently working on the ANA avatar Xprize. The ability to work at distance in safe environments for search and rescue and exploration is what we are driven by. This has led to an offshoot project that involves integrating out haptic technology into gaming and therapy. We are currently at the initials stages of developing a virtual world where people can meet and actually physically feel each other. This has applications in prison inmate therapy and psychiatry.

What it does

A virtual or MR solution integrated to a novel haptic technology that allows almost real touch sensation. We are also looking at trans cranial magnetic stimulation to mimic smell and taste.

How I built it

This will use old tech such as an Xbox kinect sensor and leap motion to ensure that it's easily constructed and cost effective.

Challenges I ran into

Don't ask.. old tech new SDK's ahhh initially team members unwell. Serial IO issues.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

Sometimes instead of trying to find a bug in the code when using old tech just try rebooting the whole system and it will work!!

What's next for Social therapy and virtual work.

Using 2d images for rendering 3d scene for VR and ntegrating collision code to haptic technologies at greater resolution. Construct components while social distancing.

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