The Social Symphony Project is an experiment in determining how VR could be a useful medium for better understanding one's own social network, from it's inception to the present.

As our social networks grow, they produce an unwieldy amount of information. The capacity to analyze and interpret this data is reliant on current interfaces and their various mediums. Social Symphony will allow anyone to experience their entire Facebook presence in an active connected world around them, with as little or as much information as they'd like. A network is visualized around a spherical space with current activity feed events passing by them like the messages of the synaptic network of a brain.

Technical Milestones
  • Allow user to seamlessly browse in depth up and down
  • Choosing the right library/engine to visualize this experience
  • Implementing FB's login and structuring the proper query calls to grab the user's history or current activity
  • Storing and calling the data at a later time for a smooth experience
  • Grabbing live friend activity as it happens and displaying that information
  • Drawing the nodes and connections to display the user's network and activity
  • User interactions: Pausing time, expanding a photo/comment/post, changing verbosity
  • Getting scene to display facebook graph data properly without running server
Nice to Have Milestones
  • A chronological timeline of the user's profile from inception to now being built up around them
  • Ability to pause the timeline and explore or rearrange their environment
  • Add a reactive musical set to the experience

Social Symphony may blur the line between a conceptual interface for VR and an art piece that aims to present a new perspective through the externalization of a Facebook profile and how the information from a social network may be affecting us.

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