We have been looking for an API to bring in large amounts of stock data for a while but have not found many good options. So, we went ahead and built our own with all of the functionality we had been looking for. The idea for implementing this API came from following the news and social media. Because many influential people use social media like Twitter we thought it would be interesting to see if maybe they had an influence on the stock market. For this we wanted to make an enviroment where users can search their own combinations and possibly find very interesting combinations.

What it does

The goal of social stocks is to provide an easy to use and expandable platform to analyze correlations between social media data(Tweets) and stock market data. The Social Stocks API aggregates data from a number of sources including yahoo finance, Twitter, and Trendogate; Documentation for the API can be found here. The client interface uses our API to provide graphs for search queries from various sources. Our code is open source and our API is free to use, so feel free to develop your own interfaces and tools.

How we built it

A PHP Server running on AWS grabs social media data from twitter and some other sites for tracking twitter trends. These data are sent to a C# api running remotely on an Azure VM which combines it with stock data from Yahoo finance. Our C# server provides our publicly accessible API.

Our web client allows users to input different types of data queries to analyze the data. The query is sent to our API which returns the data we need. Theses data are run through our MicroStragagies server which generates interactive visualizations, and finally, those visualizations are embedded on the web client.

Challenges we ran into

Twitter's searching features are limited, so we were unable to grab all of the data we wanted directly from Twitter. This is what lead us to implemented multiple methods collecting data to give the user a broad spectrum of possibilities.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Integrating all of these services together and building them in such a way that the API is publicly accessible gives us and other much more potential for expanding on this product.

What we learned

We learned a lot about parsing data and transferring in standardized formats such as JSON and XML. In addition, we were new to MicroStratagies and learned about methods of visualizing data.

What's next for Social Stocks

With our API we would like to continue expanding both onto more platforms (Android app, etc.) and more data analysis. We did not have the time here to implement built-in analysis of the data to make the data easier to understand.

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