The inspiration I got was when I was feeling very bored and wanted to talk to someone about sports. I thought I could implement an App like that so I did but with some extra features :)

What it does

Social Spy is an online platform that connects like-minded people This app has many capabilities to engage and socialize people through various of its functions Users can discover and chat with other like-minded people. They can spend a good time here. Social Spy has many chatrooms responding to a particular topic. People can choose a topic they wanna talk about and Social Spy links them to the corresponding topic chatroom

Social Spy has another feature called "controversy per day". Every day we post a highly controversial social cum educational question and people can poll and comment about it. This helps people to discover more and learn about other people's opinions. Users can increase their knowledge and will be more socially active

Social Spy's last feature is Campaigns for social good Organizations aiming for social good can advertise their campaign in the campaign section. Users will browse through campaigns and will help spread the information about the organization. This will create more social awareness and will help to conquer the final aim. Organizations can submit their campaign in the Campaign section After it will get reviewed by our team we will post it on the website :)

How I built it

For the front end, We used pure HTML, CSS, JS no frameworks. After the front end was made, I made 10 chatrooms and hosted it on firebase. I used the same skills here. Then I assigned 1 chatroom to each topic. So when the user selects topic 1 it leads to chatroom 1, if he selects topic 2 it leads to topic 2, and so on. Then for the per day controversy section. My teammate did the backend with Mongo DB and for hosting we used firebase. Each day we will update the poll Then I created the campaign section. Added 9 cards with details and linked them to their respective websites.

Challenges I ran into

Being a first-time hacker there were several challenges I ran into but the Mentor's were always there for me :) The challenges were -

  1. google authentication for chatrooms
  2. backend for poll
  3. creating the search bar and matching the ids to links

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I learned firebase skills that I'm proud of. I could create it in a specific timeline I'm proud of. I successfully completed my first hackathon.

What I learned

I learned how to finish things in the timeline I polished js skills I learned how to have a database on firebase I learned how to use jquery

What's next for Social Spy

We are planning to make login for the site not specifically for the chatrooms

We are planning to make 100 chatrooms

We will increase No of campaigns

We will add a realtime comment to controversy section

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