We spent the first hour of our hackathon brainstorming a variety of ideas, when we

What it does

  • Register as a user and add friends to your account, along with their mobile phone numbers
  • You can then take a photo of your potential purchase, select the friends you want to send it to, and press send
  • A link to a page with the poll and the related photo will be sent to the relevant friends by text message
  • Both you and your friend will be redirected to the vote result page where you can see live updates of the vote results

How I built it

  • Our team used MeteorJS, MongoDB and Twilio
  • Packages we used included - iron:router, accounts-password, jquery, fourseven:scss, mdg:camera
  • We chose to build the app as a responsive website rather than an ios app because none of us had any experience with Meteor on mobile and only limited experience with meteor at all

Challenges I ran into

  • As with any hackathon, time!
  • We struggled with creating or manipulating certain pieces of data in MongoDB in terms of how they relate to each other
  • Passing pieces of data between template helpers and events
  • We tried various options for the camera integration for taking a photo but came up against issues with either the mobile version or the with saving the image to various forms of storage and then being able to easily recall and display it

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • We are happy with the idea itself and would like to continue working on it post the event
  • Learning meteor and building with it during the event

What I learned

  • Again, we all learnt about Meteor and some of it's packages
  • Iron Router!
  • Camera integration
  • MongoDB

What's next for Social Shop

  • We would like to obviously improve and streamline what we've already built
  • Make it completely mobile as this would be where the app would most likely be used
  • Be able to get price comparisons online from the picture
  • Fit the styling to the target market
  • Improve the realtime feedback graphing
  • More customisation for the polling
  • More options for contact selection, possibly even ability to share on social networks
  • Allow voters to make comments on final result
  • Whatsapp integration
  • Profile page where old polls can be viewed
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