In tacking the topic of interfaith dialogue, our team was interested in finding the common denominator amongst several diverse religious practices. In each belief system, we noticed a strong emphasis in the acts of service, volunteerism, and giving back to ones community. We chose to build a platform that allows others to work across faith backgrounds in the public and social act of volunteering.

What it does

Social Serve is a volunteer discovery network with the potential to evolve into a social network. Currently, users can register with information about themselves and their belief system (religion, cultural associations, etc) and search volunteer opportunities in their area. Volunteer activities are organized by a series of hosts who have the means and space to host individuals in their homes or communities. Our target audience for the hosts would be leaders in their religious or cultural community who are interested in sharing their traditions with others. The attendees of the volunteer projects would be any open-minded individuals interested in the altruistic act of volunteering. The idea is to give an opportunity for those who feel stuck in the bubble of their community to meet those who are also working on local-based projects.

How we built it

This site is built on Firebase, a deployment platform by Google which allows us to support a realtime database, store and sync app data at a global scale, and run backend code without managing servers. It also allows us to authenticate users securely, which was a big asset in the registration and login flows of the application.

Challenges and Accomplishments

With the tight time constraint, we didn't get to complete all of our intended functions. However, we are proud of finishing a strong minimum viable product with our most essential features—registration, login, browse events, and sign up. We believe this model will also us to scale to accommodate a great quantity of events in the future while giving us room to add in more dynamic features such as search, location awareness, and individual event pages.

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