Social networks Are power tool to connect us humans As all tools, have been used for the wrong intentions.

We propose a web extension for chrome that runs in the backend a machine learning model that identifies comments on different social networks.

So the next time you are checking your newsfeed, you can have a head’s up of what’s coming, studies show that Pain is perceived as less intense when a person is distracted from it,

This can also be a tool for community managers to quickly identify toxic comments.

What it does

This is a chrome extension that runs the Toxicity classifier model , and changes the background of toxic messages. For now it's hard coded to work on Youtube,

How We built it

We took the scripts from Toxicity Classifier and added them to a very simple chrome extension. We followed The Coding Train tutorial on Chrome Extensions

Challenges I ran into

Every hackathon there's always new to learn :) the slope was slow for us on Javascript as we are not very fluent on it (yet) Plus one of our teammates let us down :( (the one that knew Javascript by the way)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made it! Yay

What I learned

Creating Chrome extension is really cool, fun and they can be very useful.

What's next for Social Sentiment

We can try to make it work on other Social Networks but it might be really useful if this is deployed on the backend of each social network, so it's a matter of each provider of implementing something similar depending the case.

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