When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, many countries went into a state of complete lockdown for months. E-commerce websites sprung into action and made the most out of this pandemic - people could get essentials delivered at their home in just a few clicks.

What was a win for e-commerce, was a big loss for small businesses. Millions of retail sellers were going out of business. This inspired us to come up with "Social Seller".

What it does

Social Seller is a platform that helps small businesses be seen. It's a marketplace but it's also more than 'just a marketplace'. When a user logs in, they can see all the open small businesses around them - grocers, pharmacists, diners, carpenters, painters, washers, and many more. In every business listing, you can find the contact details of the business, locate them on the map, see their customer ratings, take a look at their services, book appointments, request a service, or buy a product.

Let's say you are looking for a very hard-to-find product in the market. Chances are, you'll open some big e-commerce brand's website and start searching for it over there. Social Seller is here to change this. Because each and every product sold by each seller is listed here, you can check whether the product you want is available locally or not. You can pre-buy it and collect it from the store later on or you can have it home delivered.

What Social Seller does is that it shifts focus to small businesses rather than e-commerce sites.

How We built it

With 100% hard work :P

The website is built using HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, and a whole lot of APIs. The app is built using

Challenges we ran into

We came up with this idea within 36 hours of the hackathon - Social Seller was an instant idea. Converting our idea into a working project in such a short amount of time was a challenge for us, being complete beginners at web development.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having a working prototype in 36 hours!

What we learned

We learned a lot about web development and building things from the UX point of view. We also learned a great deal about conflict resolution when working as a team!

What's next for Social Seller

Getting as many sellers and buyers on-board as possible!

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