Lockdown around the world is forcing people to stay at home. Human beings are social animals and, therefore, they have a real need to communicate with each other. On top of that, food is a cultural movement that unifies people since the beginning of history. We think that cooking and an internet connection can be used as a glue tool to facilitate people to meet other people, supporting the fight against the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

What it does

Social Salads wants to facilitate the virtual aggregation of people through "cooking parties". With the use of a chatbot, the user can decided whether to host or be the guest of a cooking party: in both cases, the user is asked which cuisine and dish wans to cook, as well as the time availability. The chatbot will, in case of the host, automatically generate a zoom meeting (in case of the host) providing the URL; for the guest, the chatbot will advise several links to cooking parties

Challenges I ran into

Social Salads will be a Facebook page. Unfortunately, because of the lockdown, the verification to open a Facebook page is currently paused.

What I learned

UX experience, chatbot, python

What's next for Social salads

As soon as Facebook will approve the page creation, we will activate to implement the chatbot. Eventually, we will have our own domain to extend the Social Salads features, such as list of receipts, cooking tricks, special events etc.

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