Social Review

Social Review is a decentralized app to encourage users to give reviews/feedback for various products and businesses. Loyal users are encouraged with gamified token rewards. It also ensures only genuine reviews by enforcing Internet identity for login and then validating reviews using various stakeholders.

Businesses can setup a page on SocialReview and the users can rate/leave feedback about their various products and services. Users can also explore other businesses from the app. Loyal users will be rewarded with tokens on the IC network


We wanted to build an app that did the following

  • Combating fake reviews
  • Easy way to aggregate trustable reviews for a business
  • Encourage customers to leave feedback/reviews by rewarding them with tokens

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What it does

  • Lets businesses create separate page for reviews
  • Lets users login using their internet identity and post reviews for businesses
  • The reviews are shown along with the user id for validation
  • Loyal users are rewarded with tokens on the ICP

Tech Stack

  • Internet computer protocol
  • Motoko
  • Deployed on IC network
  • Internet identity login
  • Frontend app built using React
  • Candid UI

The app has two canisters deployed on ICP. One backend canister has the reviews and other one has the frontend react application deployed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Getting a functional social reviews app deployed on the internet computer
  • Ability to gamify the feedback/review process of businesses

What we learned

  • We are new to web3 development and understanding decentralized apps was initially challenging.
  • We also learnt about deploying multiple canisters on IC and motoko smart contracts

What's next for Social Review

  • Enable image uploads for reviews using a separate image canister
    • Tokenized reward system for loyal customers

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