Problem Statement

Many people around us wanted to give volunteering and give free resources to the community. Moreover, this current crisis many old people looking for somebody to give a hand to make shopping for them, or farmers who are looking for volunteers people to pick fruit and vegetable. Furthermore, companies who have resources need to share to give it for free needs trusted people in need to have.

Proposed Solution

An online platform & mobile application allows anybody to offer and register their contributions towards society national or international. The idea is to create a Social Responsibility Bank with three main parts: ** (1) Bank of Volunteers:** The aim of this bank is to contains the names of volunteers in various fields from people who want to provide services to the community through projects or through activities that the community needs. Example:

  • Teachers: A teacher may be willing to give free lessons online for students.
  • Technical and Technical Professionals
  • Support old people who do not have a car to let young people who have cars to make shopping to them in the time the young people go to make shopping. In this way, we minimize the social contact between people and increase the collectivism.
  • Help farmers need people to pick fruit and vegetable

Every person that has experience in a specific field or can give ‘service’ to a society free of charge can register his/her free time and expertise and they type of support he willing to give. The system allows people to search and contact volunteers through the platform. Also, the system will use AI techniques to match between the volunteers and people in need. By registering individuals, institutions, and companies volunteer hours, we track and stoor the number of volunteering hours.

** (2)Bank of Resources:** The aim is to make it possible for everyone who has resources to donate or make available for free to the community. Examples:

  • Meeting rooms in hotels, municipalities, training centers, companies, etc.
  • Books, soft materials to support education or health, etc.
  • Transport tickets (cars, planes, buses, etc.)
  • Equipment (projector)

Resource providers will able to register free resources on the platform. The platform makes it accessible for the people in need to search, browse, and filter resources to reserve. As well as the portal uses AI to match between those resources and people in need.

** (3) Bank of Needs:** The aim is to make possible for people or institutes to list the projects/help/support/needs/ etc. they need. Then the system will use AI technology to match between the needs and the availability of Volunteers and/or Resources. Examples:

  • Non-profit organizations announce of need to clean water tanks in specific areas.
  • Transport food for a specific address.
  • Need for wheelchairs for people with handicap
  • People from the community come up with projects they need.


The contributions of volunteers and the institutions will register their contributions towards society in the Social Responsibility Bank in the form of bank balances, and to transfer them to a weighted value. All contributions will be recorded and documented and to become a reference for all contributions made and made for the benefit of society. The system will use AI to link the people who need support with volunteers to match them. Also going to use the AI technology to use the registered responses to people who wanted.

Expected Result

People, institutions, as well as companies, will have a trusted platform to be used to register volunteering skills and opportunities. Be an EU main source of information of a number of hours spent in volunteering. The shared resources will be an important contribution for the people who wanted to share their own unwanted resources to the one who in need.

Action Plan after the Hackathon

After the Hackathon, we will develop the idea further and doing POC. With adequate funding, we will launch this product within 3-4 weeks after the hackathon

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