A smart wallet with social recovery & EIP-4337 account abstraction .





What it does

Proves feasibility of smart wallets using account abstraction without protocol changes.

How we built it

A collaboration between:

  • Yoav W. (Ethereum Foundation) for participation in EIP-4337
  • Kristof G. (Nethermind) for Ethereum node development
  • Dror T. (GSN) for EntryPoint contract and Ethers.js client development
  • Julien N., Axel D. (Argent) for smart wallet development

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As said by Vitalik, account abstraction is "a long time dream of the developer community" but has always seemed a remote possibility.

Our preliminary results on this new version of the proposal give us hope that this idea could be implemented much faster than previously thought and reach broader adoption will less consensus changes.

What we learned

We validated the concept, found it to be a good match with smart wallets, and think it could have wider adoption.

Furthermore, we found that the current EIP doesn't accommodate for asymmetry in signers (which is the case for smart wallets), so this is a potential avenue of improvement.

What's next for Social Recovery Account Abstraction

  • Further testing for mainnet proposal
  • Support in additional clients
  • Layer 2 experimentation
  • Performance improvements

Discord user names: de la Axe#0342

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