Segregation: The marginalization and/or oppression of people based on a socially constructed hierarchy that privileges other groups of people. The world has faced racial, cultural, and religious barriers that have harmed our society. Innocent people face segregated attacks and are misunderstood every day. Stereotypes plague every culture, and people don’t work to fix them. With Social RechARge, you don’t need to feel like you’re working.

Our Mission Statement

“Cultural differences should not separate us from each other, but rather cultural diversity brings a collective strength that can benefit all of humanity” - Robert Alan.

Social RechARge seeks to eliminate cultural barriers and ignorance by tearing down stereotypes and negative stigma. At the same time, our features will provide a unique AR environment for you to interact and learn with while also having fun.

Culture LeARning

"No culture can live if it attempts to be exclusive" -Mahatma Gandhi With Culture LeARning, you can choose a country that you would love to learn about, and we'll make sure to show the beautiful and genuine aspects of its culture. Appreciate its beauty, celebrate its uniqueness, and maybe even pass it along with our Send a cARd feature after. Social RechARge's Culture LeARning's primary goal is to teach you about the world and about the numerous beautiful cultures in the world. Through our augmented reality features, you will find how to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of diversity and celebrate the joys they translate.

Send a cARd

"Tradition is the spreading of fire and not the veneration of ashes" -Gustav Mahler

You can spread the joy and share the culture too with sheer love of diversity by using our Send a cARd feature. With Send a cARd, you can find a special holiday that your family or friends perhaps don't celebrate, and pass along a beautiful and interactive e-card for that special someone. Not only will it spread smiles, but also teach those around you and acknowledge every culture’s differences. Now others can appreciate different cultures’ beauty, celebrate its uniqueness, and maybe even be moved to try out our Culture LeARning feature.


As a beginner to Unity and echoAR, we faced challenges with importing the SDK into the web service. Luckily, the amazing people in our Discord chat really helped guide us and understand what was happening. A challenge we faced on our own was when it came to implementing other elements into the echoAR such as the sound feature. We’ve learned so much from all the challenges and now we know how to include audio and movement into AR models.

What's next for Social RechARge

Social RechARge isn’t over when the hackathon is over! The workshops and mentors have really enlightened us and inspired us for this project, and we still have plans to come. We would like to collaborate with people all around the world to add even more content to our site. We are also still working on the interactive parts of the AR models to make it more engaging. For our Send a cARd feature, we are working to include a feature where the user can add their own personalized message.

Thank you

To the organizers of this hackathon for creating an amazing place for hackers like me to learn and have fun! To all the workshop speakers who have taught me so much and inspired me to continue learning! To the sponsors for providing such cool resources for us to explore! This experience was wonderful and now I look forward to attending more hackathons!

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