Being a freshman in college is a joyful experience. Every event you go to you will see people trying to make friends but instead of sharing their phone numbers (who even calls anymore) they'll take out their smartphones, open up SnapChat, and show their SnapCode for everyone to scan and add them without typing anything out. I really liked the convenience of doing this but I did not want to just get the Snap IDs of the people I meet; I wanted to get their Facebook, Instagrams, Phone Number, among other things to make sure I'm always in touch with them. That's what inspired me to develop SocialQR, or SQR, as it'll soon be called on the streets. I wanted people to get the convenience of SnapCodes without the awkward lags where you're just staring at your phone and seconds pass like years, or without the inconvenience of being locked down to one social media application.

What it does

SocialQR requires you to sign in once to all the social media accounts you want to share and then generates a Special QR Code which can be scanned by any other phone with the application and automatically adds you to their Friend Lists, Followers and adds their contact number in your address book. There are also customization options available which allow you to get fancy different coloured Special QR Codes because black and white is too mainstream now.

How I built it

I built the application using Swift 4 on Xcode.

Challenges I ran into

There were no shortages of hurdles I had to overcome to develop this application. Two of our teammates had to leave on Friday due to unforeseen circumstances back home jeopardizing all the plans we had for the event. They said they would try to come back on Saturday morning but were not able to so John and I finally started the Hackathon at 2:00 PM on Saturday. We wanted to learn something new and wanted something really challenging to work on so we chose to develop an iOS application and learn Swift despite having no experience with iOS development or Objective-C either. Along the way, we ran into multiple problems with the API integrations with the numerous social media applications we had originally tried to connect. After that, we decided just to try and integrate three accounts first then focus on the rest.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am extremely proud of the fact that I thought to take up a challenge and tried to learn something new even in the face of complete and utter hopelessness after our teammates left us. Even though we weren't able to come even close to the project we had envisioned I was happy that I did not give up and continued grinding even as Swift threw errors after errors(?!)

What I learned

I learnt Swift 4, learnt API Integrations for Facebook, Twitter, and how to stay up for 32 hours plus on just Red Bull and GoldFish Crackers(Cheddar).

What's next for Social QR Codes

When we had started this project we had envisioned that the application would have everything it required to become popular and a convenient way to connect to one another. We had thought of creating a constant iOS widget with your SQR and with easy access to the scanner for the user to Scan without having to spend more than 3 seconds. We had planned to add a Nearby feature which would work on Bluetooth so everyone doesn't need to scan in a crowd. We had also planned to create a Pebble SmartWatch Side app which could share contact details just on shaking hands, but due to time constraints and unforeseen circumstances, we were unable to pull these off. We plan on working on this over the week to get the features we originally desired.

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