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What it does

Use PROVenance for neo4j epidemic spread workflow analysis

How I built it

neo4j, provconvert (1 Luc Moreau) + prov-db-connector (2 Stefan Bieliauskas)

Challenges I ran into

PROV COVID19 metadata (to define)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

being part of Graph4Good hackaton

What I learned

to expose my ideas worldwide

What's next for Social Provenance and Graph Spread using neo4j & PROV (W3C)

Define a COVID19 metadata template and make a graph in neo4j in an automatic manner, and aids on:

  • Pandemic workflow analysis: w/load real time data & get historical traceability
  • Algoritm community & GIS distance for determine vulnerability/risk area with infectious potential
  • Aids on Mitigation Strategy Political Programs
  • Get efficient medical resources affectation of personnel, viral test kits, beds, respirators…
  • Sustains the aid to the clear definition of roles and responsibilities in extreme situations
  • Manage monitoring of patient evolution and potential viral load of entities
  • Scientific Investigation of mutations of virus strains
  • Propitiate complex scientific analysis and interdisciplinary collaboration about the pandemic phenomenon

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