When I started it was very tough as I am learning now but my beloved husband who is a master in IoT asked me to do it.Then it was tough as learning curve was huge,literally I had to study and learn the platform very fast and put in lot of effort in it.The inspiration comes from my husband Rupam and little kiddo my son Rupansh who is always so playful and active watching his face allowed me to keep my tempo going.It was indeed a great experience

What it does

I have used traffic planning and parking planning in my app as it was tough going found as a good way to transform it.The app checks for parking space available then with the "USP" our app allows users to exactly see the place in 360 degree view realtime and actually see where they can specifically park the vehicle.Our app uses Scheduler that allows to generate updates to facebook and twitter when the space is available

How I built it

I used Cloud Foundry created services bind the app Time series for the app and binded services were parking as well as traffice.Then I used for the backend and hosted the app in predix.

Challenges I ran into

learning curve was tough as little information was given and response to the the tickets were less.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Integrating my first Industrial IoT app it was fun.

What I learned

Ge-Predix Industrial IoT Platform.

What's next for Social Parking

more updates as I intend to integrate a complete mobile solution.

Built With

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