This currently no social media skill for the alexa. We wanted to take the useful aspects of social media and them easily accessible.

What it does

Uses multiple APIs from to get data from your social media profiles and make posts. Once authorisation is given for all APIs we tried to use we can easily implement all three of our target social medias Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

How I built it

We used AWS to create a Lambda function that used the APIs to retrieve data and send post requests based on the intents that were input (including custom slots for comment posting) into the alexa skill.

Challenges I ran into

The AWS lambda function does not allow for extra node libraries to be brought in. This makes finding example code online quite difficult. The API authorisation was also a major problem.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We managed to make the alexa work with instagram and had working code for posting comments that unfortunately did not fully translate through the alexa skill. We also have the twitter API working outside of the lambda function but again could not fully bring everything together.

What I learned

We learned a lot about node and skills. We feel a lot more confident using the social media APIs

What's next for Social Notes

Add more functionality and more APIs for a better experience

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