SNG - Social Networking Gateway is a platform to a unified access to social, email and enterprise networks. It is a gateway where an end user can sign up and benefit from an aggregated perspective to all the following networks: Facebook, Twitter, Googleplus, Linkedin, Instagram, Yammer, Gmail & Ymail. An end user can view aggregated data (like friends, feeds) from all the networks on one platform and post updates and connect to his/her friends across the varied support of Social Networks. If a user is signed up with SNG and is believed to have a Kandy account too, he/she can experience presence, video/audio calling and IM with other friends who are on SNG and Kandy..! Kandy here strengthens SNG and gives it power to drive calling along with multiple social network access..! That is what makes SNG unique..! It is ALL that one needs today..! Social network access, Email Access and Calling?! Isn't it a piece of Cake?!

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