Imagine social network of your phone - "Phone Life".

Did your phone has a name? - Yes. Age? Birthday? - Yeah. Do you remember his "battery change operation"? - This was so close to his death.

Every day your phone is doing a lot of interesting stuff. Give him a chance to record all this things. Phone can make his own timeline of events which are happening. Almost zero user interaction required, all is automated.

Message posting

Device should be able to post different messages to his timeline.

  • Application spent time
    Device should track time spent in different applications including social network.
    Post example:
    "I spent only 10 minutes in Facebook."
    "I was reading tweets for an hour."

  • Internet time
    Device should track time he was connected to 3G and Wifi.
    Post example:
    "I was connected to Wifi 3 hours today."

  • GPS
    Device should track time he was using GPS.
    Post example:
    "I was tracking my position on the map by 15 minutes."

  • Photos
    Device should track how much photos was taken.
    Post example:
    "Today I was doing great photo session, 10 photos so far."

  • Videos
    Device should track how many videos was recorded.
    Post example:
    "Today I recorded 1 hour of video, I feel like Hollywood operator."

  • Charging
    Device should track how much it was charged today.
    Post example:
    "Great charging in the morning, 40 minutes, I feel great!"

  • Uncharging
    Device should track how much battery it lost today.
    Post example:
    "Was working all day, lost 24% of my energy."

  • Sleeping
    Device should track how much it was in sleep time.
    Post example:
    "Was sleeping for 9 hours! It is never too much heh."

  • Talking
    Device should track how much time it was in call mode.
    Post example:
    "No one is calling me, I spoke only 5 minutes today."

  • Other
    Device should be able to post other messages:
    Device Information
    App crashes

Application opportunities
  • Registration
    Registration should use device serial number as login.
    No password needed.
    If user is logging in first time automatic registration is performed.

  • Avatar
    All devices will have default avatar according to his phone model.
    New avatar can be unlocked inside In app market

  • Badges system

  • Group system
    Device should belong to one of existing manufacturer group e.g. Samsung, Sony, HTC etc. where they will be able to download device oriented application, optimized for concrete device type.

  • Friend system
    Device should be able to add friends to his friend list.

  • Chat
    Device should be able to chat with each other.

  • In app market

And a lot more.

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