Finding great images for social media posts takes time. Then you have to save them unless you are using a graphics tool that has image libraries built in. Once you design your graphics -- which may need to be updated yet again after a blog title changes -- then you need to take the time to upload them to the Webflow CMS.

Why spend all that time doing tedious tasks or spending money on a virtual VA? With a few clicks, you can have images sized perfectly and reflective of your branding. No extra logging in. No saving and moving files. Click. Click. Done. With everything centralized.

What it does

Airtable is the hub. Enter in as much info about your posts as you like. Then either set up Placid to run manually or on a schedule to check Airtable and create images as needed. Then Integromat can fire off either manually or on a schedule to send new content to the Webflow CMS and receive info back once updated.

If you decide to change something the next day and have processes auto-scheduled, everything will fire off according to your schedule.

You can either have posts publish right away or be a draft. If you go the draft route, the automation could be updated to alert you to take final action.

How I built it

Aron Korenblit of Automate All the Things / Airtable told me earlier in the week about the Airtable Pexels block. That served as a bit of inspiration. I had also recently started playing again with the Placid App. I had a few windows open as I looked at Integromat and Airtable and thought about what I needed.

Challenges I ran into

Being in a rush and not reading documentation.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting the automation working AND documented.

What I learned

I really hate making videos.

What's next for Social Media Images via Placid, Airtable, Integromat, & WF

This example showed a creation of a handful of images. But you could create multiple designs for multiple platforms -- all-sized perfectly.

This could be adapted to pull images from other sources, like Unsplash.

This could easily be upgraded to also house the text part of posts, scheduling, etc.

You could probably experiment with changing filenames for graphics too.

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