The project was created by the team at Atomic Infotech, consulting firm, and software development shop in Bellevue, WA. We work primarily with multi-unit retailers, which inspired us to create this application for the Yelp Hackathon 2016.

We found that our clients, that have stores in dozens of locations had a difficult time tracking their online reputation across multiple social networks.

What it does

Our application allows you to create custom social media dashboards, where you can quickly and easily monitor your social media presence--for free.

Tracking social networking profiles is easy, just copy the URL of the profile you’d like to track, and paste it onto your dashboard. We take care of the rest.

Multi-unit retailers can easily view all of their Yelp business pages in one spot.

  • Yelp
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube Videos
  • YouTube Channels
  • Foursquare
  • Google Plus
  • Alexa
  • More Coming Soon!

We use an innovative copy-paste user interface to make it easy to add media profiles to dashboards.

How we built it

This was an after-hours project for our team. We used it as an opportunity to experiment with some development techniques.

It is built on a pretty standard Node & Express stack.

Challenges we ran into

As we were internally demonstrating the tool, we received a lot of great feedback on things we’d love to implement. Being able to see the detailed review information, offering tracking, and a bigger visual impact with high-resolution photos were some of the recurring feature requests we received.

All great feedback, and things we’d love to implement. Unfortunately, based on a combination of technical and terms of service restrictions, we actually weren’t able to implement those features using the Yelp API. We’d love to see a v3 of the Yelp API with some additional capabilities combined with a more permissive usage agreement.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We really like how quickly we can create dashboards. The copy-paste user interface was very easy and intuitive.

What's next for Social Media Dashboard by Atomic Infotech

We'll be adding a directory to allow users to discover and share dashboards.

We will also be supporting for many other online-trackable resources Instagram, Trip Advisor, Tumblr, Blogger, LinkedIn, Internet Movie Database, Amazon, etc.

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