Social Map

A community-driven map using location-dependent data to showcase events in the area!


In an age of connected media, community involvement in our locality is limited, if not non-existent. Major social media applications have tried to connect communities with event pages that require users to share information among friends. The implications are that a social media account and involved friends are needed. What if we had a solution that does not require an account and allows you to still be connected?

Social Maps is a crowd-driven web application and mobile app that allows users to post events, information, requests, alerts, and much more in real time to a map. Social Maps does not require a user to create an account to use, all it takes is a click, and you are able to post whatever the situation calls for. Flooding in your street? Place a marker in your location with a title, "Flood Warning" and a description of the alert to warn other Social Map users about the danger. Hosting a fundraising event? Place a marker at your location with a possible title, "Fundraising for College Funds" and a description of your service and other Social Map users can come and participate or help. Social Map provides a seamless connection for users to provide information while making it easier to access it.

What we learned

Most of us have never collaborated with git before. We've never used Firebase, Google Cloud Sentiment Analysis AI, Snapchat Kit or even built an Android app. But, we were still able to create a functional product in the end.

Challenges we ran into

Although our Android app is functional enough to read and write to a database, we did not have enough time to implement all the features for the Android app. In the beginning, we had some issues with version control, where we were overwriting each other's code with commits. This was solved as we gained a better understanding of Github commands. Some of us were not familiar with using a Firebase Database, but we grew better at is as we proceeded forward with the project.

What's next for Social Map

We want to add more features to the web application, such as filtering posts by type and adding more options to the posts. We also want the Android application to include all of the features of the web application, including any current or planned features.

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