Inspired by the "100 days of coding challenge" we decided to create an app, that motivates people to isolate as long as possible.

What it does

The app counts how many days the user has isolated and it allows people to search nearby other people who have isolated long enough, based on user-defined or government-defined minimal isolation duration rules. Additionally, we intend to add a functionality that allows users to ask from other users, where people of high risk might require a high isolation time of the person who helps.

How we built it

We used React Redux to build the frontend and the Django Rest Framework for the backend hosted on AWS Elastic Beanstalk.

Challenges we ran into

As Benj joined us from the US, we had a significant time zone difference. However, this also allowed us to work "around the clock".

What we learned

An online hackathon with today's technology is definitely feasible, we can enjoy connecting with people from all around the world while being isolated. So let's keep the streak and isolate, together!

What's next for Social Isolation App

Let's add further functionalities (suggest nearby people, specify the isolation interuption, ...) and make the social isolation app viral internationally!

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