My parents owns a clothing shop but refuse to use social media, I want help them to enter modern world and see if the social media is really affecting their business.

What it does

We are tracking google reviews, yelp reviews, Facebook impressions and twitter sentiments over monthly period to see whether they are affecting small business' bottom line. Whether modern day social media are having any impact on small businesses.

How we built it

We used quicklook api to get the revenue (simulated), then cross that data with twitter sentiment analysis over monthly period, cross the data with google and reviews, as well as Facebook ads impression. This way we can clearly see if any of the social networks is affecting the bottom line.

Challenges we ran into

Getting information from yelp over time isn't as easy as we thought.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

My parents loved the idea and want to try it on their business

What we learned

Lots of Small businesses are still not on social networks.

What's next for Social Insight for Small Businesses

We will see if any other business is interested, and can possibly turn this into a app that charge them monthly fees to use.

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