Building or leaving a habit is such a hard task for every one of us, but together we are strong enough to finish that task.

What it does

Help the users build or leave a habit together, track their progress, and challenge each other.

How we built it

Using Native Android Libraries and integrated with Facebook Account Kit to enable the users to sign-up and communicate with each others.

What I learned

How to use graph API and how to integrate Facebook Account Kit in my android project.

What's next for Social Habit Tracker

Social habit tracker will go away to cover all daily tasks and hobbits .

Provide new tools to help in leave and built habits

  • timers ,counters tool ,studios and walls to show your talent ,measurements tool .
  • keep the people very close with their shared status and dones
  • more statistics to help in determining the current status and to encourage in continuing .
  • community ,create communities with people that have the same habits

Built With

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