While both Twitter and Instagram provide analytics tools, they do not let you know who exactly interacts with your brand and exactly what they like about it.

What it does

Social Fox seeks to build individual profiles on twitter and eventually instagram users who follow your brand or interact with your hashtags and events. We are the only platform that allows you to build custom profiles without needing you to hire a data scientist.

How I built it

Social Fox was built on flask with the extensive use of APIs from twitter, okta and twill. All user authentication and registration is handled by Okta while data is collected using the tweeps API.

Challenges I ran into

Data visualisation is difficult for us especially with its generation and display on the frontend of the web app. We will keep working on this until we have a beautiful dashboard. Collecting and making data tell and interesting story is also very difficult.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Managed to extract useful and insightful data from twitter users as well as use the watson Personality Insights API to gather the approximate tendencies of users.

What I learned

Working with the Python API as well as twill and okta was a good learning experience. Data visualisation was harrowing and requires more time to learn.

What's next for Social Fox

We believe social fox will be something big after refinement and more user testing. The ability to build user profiles on followers is our unique selling point that we believe is useful to customers who conduct a lot of social media marketing.

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