Social focus was designed with the student experience in mind, both online and in the physical classroom. By creating an interface that integrates canvas with whiteboard features per class, an easy to see class list, and an additional social feature described below, we are satisfied in the final product.

What sets Social Focus apart from other types of time management, calendars, or other school advertised apps is the factor of social accountability. After syncing to your canvas and personal calendar, though Zapier, you get a text when you have an upcoming project based on certain keywords (final, essay, exam, etc) and three days before that due date, your friends of your choosing get a notification of that assignment and are encouraged to send some good vibes your way.

For those in the physical classroom, its obvious that you can surround yourself with people who support your academics, but in the midst of midterm season it can be hard to reach out for that support and motivation. This app does that for you by encouraging your closest friends to contact you in your busy times. This can serve as a valuable study break.

For the online student, the experience of academia can be particularly isolating. Via this app, your preexisting social network can become involved in your academics and provide you with the support and encourage you need to maintain your success.

The Canvas integration parses out each class onto a separate page with a dedicated whiteboard by Twiddla that allows the user to invite others by email for an ongoing collaborative space for the duration of your semester! Hosted on Azure's powerful and seamless cloud system, the integration is both smooth and speedy. The integration of Twillio and Google Calendar via Zapier was inspired by Zonoff's focus on the internet of things, a smarter app development future that automates a lot of life's issues.

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