Are you a someone with little motivation towards physical exercise? Do you have trouble finding company to make your exercise routine more enjoyable? Do you find it difficult to practice certain collective activities not finding the number of people required? If this is your case Social Fitness can help you!

What it does

Conceived as a social network that revolves around fitness activities, Social Fitness facilitates the connection between users with common interests towards physical exercises.

Within the hectic dynamics of modern life, Social Fitness can match your time available with the time your friends are performing their exercise routine. You can know the type, estimated time, and location for each activity. You can identify people interested in collective activities such as basketball or football and enjoy a healthy and fun lifestyle.

How we built it

The most important part of the project is the backend, because provide all the endpoints for the clients, currently we have 3 kind of client: Android app, IOS app and a web page. We based our backend on NodeJS because is one of the most popular alternatives and has a strong community, also because we were looking to unify all used technologies on the same language ( our apps are hybrids and based on Ionic Framework v2 and the web page is built with Angular Material ). Our database is on MongoDB to provide high flexibility and the high performance required on this social network. In the following list we explain all the components used:



Both apps ( Android and IOS ) was built using Ionic


The web application was built with Angular and the theme was based on Google Material Design using Angular Material .

Challenges we ran into

The principal challenge for us was the integration with the OpenShift (Next Gen) platform because was totally new for us. We had to read carefully each section of the documentation to learn the best alternatives for deploy our project. Other important challenge was the full integration between each client, because our goal always was offer an unified experience, to accomplish that goal we use similar layouts and colors and we add websockets to sync on real-time the data across the clients.

Accomplishments we are proud of

The uniqueness of Social Fitness as a social network is precisely to ensure that its users engage in a real relationship in everyday life through the practice of sports, stimulating not only physical exercise, but the birth of new social relations while building healthy bodies and happy minds. We are really happy of this early version of this project, it is impossible for us not to be excited on what this project can become in the future.

What we learned

We improve our skills on Javascript on the backend ( NodeJS ) and the frontend ( Angular 1/2 ) and best of all: we found OpenShift ( Next Gen ) yay !. The workarounds and solutions of the challenges we found has made use grow as programmers and friends working together. Although, we have a lot of things to improve/add to this project

What's next for Social Fitness

  • Create custom activities.
  • Attach pictures and videos to activities.
  • Add calendar view.
  • Share the activities. ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ... etc )
  • Push Notifications.
  • Better integration with Google Maps.
  • ...
  • _____________________________ . << ( this is for your suggestion ;-) )
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