our inspiration came from the idea that people with lots social media accounts and have lots of followers are difficult to follow. They do not have a place where you can easily add all of their accounts at once. It also came from the idea that you may want to follow a person but do not have their name but you do have a picture of them then you can search them by that.

Our app lets users register themselves with our system by adding a picture of themselves and their email address that is registered with their social media accounts. Once that is done someone can take a picture or upload a picture of that person and it will find them in our system and return all their social media accounts.

Our first problem was that we only had one person that new how to work with android and PHP so we let that person work on the android and the rest of us worked on the PHP server and APIs. We had some issues integrating the APIs and most of the problems were creating the android app.

Learned basically everything for our project here at the competition

PHP, some android, how to really work with APIs

Our next step is to polish the functionality of our app. We want it to become more reliable

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