POAP on a personal level. Increase social engagement by marking your interactions and submitting them to the blockchain.

What it does

We devised a social Dapp where two individuals can meet, bilaterally, sign their meeting event and get an NFT representing their interaction.

The data of interactions can later be used to generate topological map of relationships and circles of connections.

How we built it

Using OpenZeppelin ERC721 template and React on the front. WalletConnect for web3 injection The Graph for NFT data discovery

Challenges we ran into

Signing from mobile browser does not work, one must use the Metamask browser (injection of web3 vs. signing)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Signing mobile webcam payload and making it an NFT allowing two participants to get the resulted token

What we learned

Using The Graph protocol IPFS Pinata Metamask mobile app web browser

What's next for Social Engager NFT

Displaying degrees of separation between any two distinctive addresses

Github repo


When trying the app, after scanning the QR code, paste it into Metamask mobile browser

Built With

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