With the advent of Covid-19, our lives has been forever changed. Our team decided to represent our hardships through this game.

What it does

In this game, the player attempts to collect everything on their grocery list. The catch? It's during a pandemic­čśŐ. As such, the store is populated by many infectious shoppers. Getting too close to these shoppers, will steadily decrease your health. Losing all your health before getting all your groceries will result in a GAME OVER!

How we built it

We started by using the provided Ubisoft API and learning the basics of it through the included tutorial. From there, we started brain-storming. What textures should we use? What software should we use? What should be the game's win condition? Many more question like these were discussed, but eventually we came to a consensus and started coding. At the end, we decided to go with the "The more you have, the worse it is!" theme for our project.

Challenges we ran into

Our entire team had zero C++ knowledge and had never worked with the SFML or anything similar to the API either. We spent a lot of time trying to understand what was making the engine run and how everything worked, along with the time constraints, we could not add all the features we had originally envisioned.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Despite our lack of experience with C++, we were able to code a project that each group member can be proud of. And through our continued perseverance, we also gained a lot of experience with C++.

What we learned

In addition to learning C++, we also learned how to use photo editors and software like Tiled to create tile-maps and sprites for our game.

What's next for Social Distance Simulator

Since we had to learn an entire programming language within a very short period, much of the code is not as ideal as we wanted. If we had more time to refine this, we would've added some music or refine the image assets.

Built With

  • c++
  • hackersnest
  • sfml
  • ubisoft
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