We wanted to convince people to donate to good causes and get informed

What it does

You play with two other people and try to select a state that best matches a given question related to demographics. After the game is over, the players are shown the winner and some information. They are incoraged to donate to a cause relating to the question they were given.

How I built it

back-end: django, python, wolfram-alpha api front-end: ESRI, JavaScript

Challenges I ran into

Had to dumb dumb map visualizations due to time constraints.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

How to manipulate a decent amount of data to get displayed on a map in the front end

What I learned

Learned a lot about back-end web development.

What's next for Social Demographic Poker

better map visualization and donating capabilities.

Prizes Targeted

Best use of Amazon Web Services

Best Domain

Best use of Capital One API

Best use of the Esri ArcGIS Developer Platform

Best use of SQL Database (presented by SQL Sentry)

Best use of Wolfram Technology

Best use of Wolfram Technology runner-up

SQL Sentry raffle

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