The inspiration came after wanting to send and share songs with my friends but realized that Spotify didn't have native support. In order for me to tell me friends about a song I'm listening to, I have to leave spotify, use another service (SMS, Messenger, etc) and constantly try to copy and paste the links to songs or playlists for my friends to hear.

What it does

Social Connect allows Spotify users to friend each other and socially connect while listening to their favorite tunes. You can see what songs your friends are currently listening to, start a conversation with them, recommend tracks, and more all without leaving the app or having to stop your music.

How I built it

The backend is comprised of a node server running express and a few npm modules. The messaging service is done though Socket.Io and any storage is handled with MongoDB. The front end was written with Pug and Sass and compiled to HTML and CSS. Javascript and jQuery were also used.

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