I was already working on a social collaboration platform named, which enabled volunteers to find initiatives around them and register as a volunteer, we also allowed NGOs to manage volunteer through our volunteer management system. So after few feedback, docusign integration made perfect sense, to automate some of the flows which were happening physically on the ground.

What it does

We enable three usecases as of now using the Esignature Api:

  1. Auto-generate Send email to volunteers with docusign document to fill the volunteer registration form by the ngo, with data from the platform
  2. In app embedded signing of the volunteering e-certificate and then send a copy to the volunteer automatically, done by the ngo.
  3. In app embedded signing of the volunteer work form by the volunteer, whenever they update a task assigned to them in the volunteer management system in the application. ## How I built it Using nodejs as backend, mdbootstrap at frontend. Lot of javascript and backend programming. with integration with docusigns esignature api to enable digital signature functionality. ## Challenges I ran into Designing Docusign Documents And creating smooth handoff while in app embedded signing process. ## Accomplishments that I'm proud of A fully working solution live at ## What I learned A lot about docusign and how it can really help ngos. ## What's next for Social Collaboration Platform with Docusign
  4. Implementing Oauth
  5. Options to add more different types of volunteer work forms, which volunteers can sign.
  6. Option for NGOs to digitally sign donation receipts.
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