"The harder I worker the luckier I get" - Samuel Goldwyn

Hard work coupled with a pay it forward mentality result in awesome things happening in Silicon Valley, we can build serendipity in Adelaide. The more people you tell about what you need to succeed the more people that can help you, we want to amplify this from word of mouth using digital tools.

Facebook has become a tool for sharing what you need, since coming back to Adelaide several software contracts that where a perfect fit for my skills appeared in my newsfeed, there are bound to be more.

Andrew just landed his first programming job through being tagged in a Facebook post in the Startup Adelaide group.

Instead of trawling through Facebook on the off chance that the perfect opportunity appears we want them to just appear in our inboxes.

We are using the city council api for events dataset to notify users of tech related events happening in the city so that users can expand their network of people who they can help and who can help them. These virtuous cycles help to build strong relationships within the community.

In addition we will add other Facebook groups and fan pages in to scrape data from making a frictionless channel for the council and other businesses to promote work opportunities to locals so that big contracts like the state logo design can stay in South Australia.

Over the hackathon we built a front end using the Facebook graph api to scrape posts from the startup Adelaide group looking for the right keywords and to process the events feed from the city council, we also built a classification model with R so that user feedback can be feed into a machine learning classification algorithm using random forests to improve the quality of the posts and events that are surfaced over time.

Our target users is software developers and graphic designs which over time could be adapted to other industries.

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