We wanted to create a project that can bring a small part of the community together, that aren't gifted with vision that most of us have. The inspiration came from a friend we know at school and told us her everyday struggles as someone who can't see. We really wanted to create a prototype that could show the potential of this project and how it can really bring blind people to the social bubble we have and possibly integrate with social media platforms.

What it does

The main purpose of the project is to serve 4 functionalities for the user: 1- Help with walk. 2- Add a friend. 3- Recognize or verify a friend. 4- Identify objects.

How we built it

We programmed both 4 button input to be used by user and a voice command with amazon's echo-dot. Using a ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04 and a raspberry-pi, we programmed it to recognize distance in front of user after pressing a button or using amazon's echo-dot as voice input. If the distance is greater that 1.25 meters the user can keep walking safely, if not he gets a beep sound or vibration to notify him to stop the beep gets intenser on how close he is from the object. The add a friend option is when someone user met and want to remember so he stand in front of the web cam get his face and userID in our data base. Recognize a friend is when user doesn't recognize someone voice who's claiming to be a friend or relative so this person has to get his face recognized if it's found in the database user get notification message user found. Identifying objects is just an option fro the user to point device toward object and gets a voice output what the camera saw.

Challenges we ran into

we couldn't integrate both button input and alexa voice command together into one program just coz we ran out of time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we were able to create a full functioning hardware that can work in two ways and has 4 features that are very crucial for a blind person to carry on his normal deeds as an independent individual. Created our own lambda function for the alexa, demoing and succeeding.

What we learned

We basically strengthened our skills on programming, used new libraries, implemented hardware and were introduce to software development.

What's next for Social Caecus

Hopefully, by the end of our this Hackital, we will work harder on improving the product and add some valuable features to it to make it practical and beneficial for those who are in need.

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