The project comes from the idea that the major issue we're facing is to detect and guide people with no symptoms, which can spread the disease unknowingly for days before develop anything can let them grow consciousness of being infected. Plus, many people especially in working environments can feel ashamed of sharing the fact they are infected, leaving the people around them with in ignoring the fact they are likely to be carriers for the infection.

What it does

Social Breadcrumbs aims to create anonymous virtual breadcrumbs for each (potential) social contact. In this way, if someone you met in the last three weeks (even just at the supermarket or petrol station) shows any covid-19 symptom you can be immediately notified and react to minimise the contagion to other people.

How I mean to built it

The social contact detection happen in two ways:

  • location service (gps): anonymous data is shared to the remote service every minute to harvest the anonymous ids of people being around you.
  • proximity service: bluetooth and wifi are used to scan and detect other devices around and infer the distance by the signal strength.

a push notification to all the devices with the infected social id is broadcasted when a positive covid-9 is confirmed (the user decide if to do so). every device calculate the probability of an infection looking at the local contact history and notify the user if the exposure was significant. Machine learning techniques can be implemented to improve the likelihood of infection for a given history.

What's next for social-breadcrumbs

Team up with specific skill (blockchain is of paramount importance) and build a fully working prototype in the next 2 weeks.

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