Social Advanced provides a completely new view into your Facebook news feed. For years, the feed of your friend's posts, images, and interactions has been nearly the same. The presentation is based on a hidden, proprietary algorithm that shows you only what it decides should be most important to you. Social Advanced changes all that and shows you exactly what you want to see, without any hidden details.

After connecting to your Facebook account, Social Advanced will retrieve and process your News Feed over the last several days (the time period is configurable) and give you a totally different view of your friends' activity.

The first is the ability to view common trends among your friends. Social Advanced will identify words that are being used most often among your friends, and show you the top trends being discussed. You can view the posts about that trend and interact with them.

Second, Social Advanced will allow you to view the most popular posts out of them all, sorted in order. This is something that you can't see directly with the usual Facebook view. You can see which posts from your friends got the most likes and comments, as well as interact with them.

Third, Social Advanced will categorize the posts of your friends by the mood that they are in. You can see which of your friends are happy, sad, and more, all at once. Social Advanced allows you to view the complete breakdown of moods expressed by your friends and interact with their posts.

Social Advanced allows you to skip the parts of social media that you are not interested in, and get directly to what is important to you. It provides advanced features that aren't usually available and lets you skip what you don't want to see. You can see only the most exciting post of the day, only happy posts, or comfort friends who are upset; all in the palm of your hand. Social Advanced is social media, fast.

There is both a professional and light version available of the Social Advanced application:

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