College is where many make wonderful long lasting connections and memories, but due to the pandemic college students have been deprived of social events and meeting new people on campus.

Our app provides college students the opportunity to meet other college students through a randomized facetime to increase their network, date and make new friends. Our app also provides the user with the functionality to search for fun events, chat and is safe for college students because it requires a college email to register.

What it does

Social, helps you make new friends, to increase your professional network and find a romantic partner through speed dating feature. The app connects you with another person based on your preferences, initiates a call (video/audio) that lasts 5 mins and then moves on to the next person. If both decide they’d like to continue talking, the connect option connects them through chat. For any reasons, if you decide not to talk to the person you matched with, you can exit the call at any time. There is also a 10s waiting period from the time you are matched till the call initiates. This time can also be used to end the call.

The chat features help you stay connected with your friends and also catch up with all the gossip in your groups.

Stay up to date with the events on campus both virtual and in-person.

How we built it

This app was built with Adalo, a no code development platform for mobile apps. A few 3rd plugins from their marketplace were used to make the app more friendly. The process started with brainstorming different issues and narrowing down on something that we personally connected to. Through further discussion we came up with a list of features and divided them must have and nice to have features along with leaving some out as future scope. The feature list was converted in wireframes first on paper as well as on the popular wireframing tool Figma. Since either of the team members were not skilled in app development, we decided to build the app using no code development environment. Adalo was chosen as the tool for this hack due to the availability of relevant templates and the ease of sharing.

Challenges we ran into

Had to prioritize features and screens due to limited storage provided by the free version of the app. The development platform did not support the video/audio calling feature. However, the platform does provide an option to build our own plugins. This could not be achieved due to our limited experience with coding and the time constraints. We had some trouble in being able to implement the matching feature of the app that connects two people. We are happy to have managed to implement this

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of learning a new tool and being able to demo the app on time for this hackathon.

What we learned

We learnt the app development process and followed some principles of UI and UX design. Efforts were made to justify features and tools used in the app. The color palette was kept consistent with the branding of the whole app, from the logo design to the elements of the user interface. Also learnt no code development platform which was new to us.

What's next for Social

Integrate video calling feature. Feedback would be incorporated and the app would be shared among college students. Steps for commercialization would be taken based on the user response.

Built With

  • adalo
  • figma
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