In this unprecedented time, solidarity and a shift from individual towards a sharing culture of collective thinking / behaviour becomes more relevant than ever. Worldwide initiatives are launched and thousands of people engage, support and even work pro bono for a better cause. We need to generate a solution that continuously drives this "better human behavior" mindset-shift across the globe and that enables people to provide, seek and receive the support they need.

What it does

"NextNow" is a match-making platform, an award giving organisation and a social recognition provider. We help people to find opportunities to help, award people who help to be recognised in the real world, and to share their achievements on their social network.

Everyone can be part of this movement and earn SOCI's by supporting and helping others on the NextNow platform. Everyone can play the game and support each other, say thanks and give each other feedback on the NextNow platform. Players can level up and and receive badges that verfiy their solidary actions.

Once engagement index is tracked and we have first outstanding performers, GPS organizations start recognizing and we start negotiating reward mechanisms in order to use even after the crisis. The concept can be replicated for any other upcoming crisis' in the future.

How we built it

The application is based on the Blockchain Framework ethereum where we created our SOCI Token. In the web application, the user can share his request for help which is shared on multiple social media channels such as facebook, linkedin and twitter. A second user can login (“help giver”) and can offer his help for the needed request. As soon as the request has been fulfilled and the help seeker confirms that, the application automatically sends the user a SOCI Token on the Blockchain which is displayed in his/her profile on the web application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’ve managed to develop the structure of the NextNow platform and defined the reward system including levels, badges and rating system. We described personas and user journeys to finalize our concept. At the same time we managed to build a fully working application (front and backend with a running database and blockchain smart contracts) within 48 hours. Even tough we did not have any prior knowledge of the solution.

What's next for SOCI's Hunt

After the hackathon, we are going to iterate our prototype, to test it, and to add additional features such as the integration of existing initiatives into the match making platform.

Afterwards, it is time to go live, to grow via social media promotion, and negotiate and implement real world rewards for the most outstanding helpers and supporters among the NextNow users. We want to see NextNow as an enabler for cultural changes from individual based behavior towards the collective.

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