Sochil Network with Friends

Enjoying events and activities with friends.


Team Members:

  • Austin Davis
  • William Davis
  • Husna Doudi
  • Anwar Musa


Everyone has had a time they wanted to go to an event, but could not find a friend to attend the event with

How SOCHIL works

It allows a user to login, search events or activities (sports included) within a particular location, and find people who would like to join in said event/activity. The new friends can now meet up and enjoy the event together. After the event, each person can rate the other person so others know if they are trustworthy and fun or not.

How was SOCHIL created

We built this web app using html, javascript, and css styling.


We wanted to put a list of events and users on a database, but we were having problems communicating with said database. So we resorted to just hardcoding the events and people to the html for demo purposes. We also wanted to get a .tech domain, but the website did not reply to our requests in time. We ended up buying for $7 and used it to point to our gitHub page. The problem is that the IP address is not being recognized at the time of submitting this project. So, at this time, going to will not show the website. Nonetheless, works and show our website. We'll try to get the .tech up and running. We talked to the domain customer support and they claimed that it worked for them. Unfortunately, it still didn't work for us, but hopefully it works for the judges. UPDATE: At around 10:30 AM, we received a notification from with a coupon for a free .tech domain. We immediately ordered (we already had to edited the domain forward to our github page. Alas, that domain also does not work. Hopefully one of our .tech domains work before judging. We really want that Amazon gift card. UPDATE 2: works now! It was just a matter of waiting.


The free domain we received had no hosting space for our project. We were able to link the free domain to our free github page so we essentially got hosting for free. This also allowed the entire team to work on the project simultaneously with git. We were all very proud to see up and running with our very own website. One team member also spent time on the logo and was very proud with the final logo she came up with.

What we Learned

This team was composed of 3 members in their very first hackathon and one member in his second. We learned how easy it is to get something done with the correct mindset. Some members had exposure to HTML, css, git, code editors, and the command line for the very first time. They were able to utilize the time to learn these skills which will undoubtedly help them in the very near future.

What's next for SOCHIL?

A database is obviously the very next thing we must work on for SOCHIL. We have to make sure users are able to sign up and sign in using their actual credentials. We also want to use the database to store all the events. Many things done in this project were hard-coded simply due to the lack of time and for demonstration purposes. With a humane amount of time, we believe that this idea would be the next "sochil" media platform.

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