What is Soccer | 21?

Soccer | 21 is an exciting, fast-paced soccer multiplayer game allowing up to (you guessed it) 21 different players in an online, hectic, and outrageously fun freestyle game all at the same time.

What makes Soccer | 21 Special?

Soccer | 21 runs on your computer, while all the users connect with their phones online! No apps are required, just internet access and a computer running the program! Each user can connect to an individual player in the game by just visiting a predefined website in their browser.

How does this even work?

The main part of the game was made in the Unity game engine. All movements and game objects were created and animated in the engine. Using an API provided by EA (Electronic Arts), I was able to use NodeJS to pass JSON data from a webpage to Unity. I then tracked the users finger on the screen of their phone and calculated a direction and speed for their player. Combining the components of the game and the data from the users phone I created an interactive game that can be both simple and addicting to play.

Why 21 players and not 22?

The game is meant to be freestyle and fun, there are no predefined teams and therefore no need to have an even number of players. I believed 21 was a good number because it provided enough players for the game to be fun and hectic, not too many players to where it became overwhelming, and being an odd number it enforced the idea of free play and unstructured fun. ...it had nothing to do with the fact that this game was made in two days and I entirely forgot soccer teams had 11 player apiece.

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